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Jim Clark Lotus 38

Jim Clark Lotus 38

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This printed plate commemorating Jim Clark's historic victory at the 1965 Indianapolis 500. The image is an homage to this significant event in motor racing history, highlighting Clark's achievement in winning the race with an average speed of 150 mph.

The 49th International 500-Mile Sweepstakes, held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana, marked a pivotal moment in racing history. This race was notable for the "British Invasion," where Jim Clark and Colin Chapman's innovative approach with a rear-engine Lotus 38, powered by Ford, dominated the race. This event was significant as it was the first time a majority of cars in the field were rear-engine models, a notable shift in racing technology and strategy.

Jim Clark, a Scottish driver, had a remarkable performance, leading 190 laps and becoming the first non-American winner of the Indianapolis 500 since Gaston Chevrolet in 1920. Clark's choice to compete at Indy instead of Monaco that year was a testament to his dedication and focus on this race. His victory at Indianapolis was a stepping stone to his win in the 1965 World Championship, making him the only driver in history to win both the Indy 500 and the Formula One World Championship in the same year.

The artwork itself is a tribute to this legendary moment in racing history. Each piece is carefully hand-finished with a high gloss and vibrant colours, baked onto high-quality aluminium sheets. Made in Britain, each artwork measures 18” x 12” (46cm x 30cms) and offers the option of punched holes for easy hanging, along with a brushed aluminium finish on the rear, making it an exquisite addition for any motorsport enthusiast's collection.

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