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Porsche Factory Road Sign

Porsche Factory Road Sign

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We have recreated the sign that originally stood on the outskirts of Ludwigsburg where the Porsche Factory is based. Endurance Sports Car and Le Mans fans have added stickers from the famous sportscar race over time.

The first Porsche 356 produced in Stuttgart leaves the plant in Zuffenhausen on April 6, 1950. Already the following year, the one thousandth of the sports car with a sheet steel body is produced. The first 52 examples were made in Austria in 1948 and 1949 - by hand and with an aluminium bodywork. Originally Ferry Porsche and his team thought of a series of 500 vehicles. In fact, until the end of production in 1965 about 78,000 Porsche 356 were put on wheels.

Our artwork is created to capture your passions. Each product is hand finished in a high gloss finish using vibrant colours which are baked onto the surface of high-quality aluminium sheet.

Each piece of artwork is made in Britain and measures 18”x 12” (46cm x 30cms).

Each product can come with or without punched holes for easy hanging with a brushed aluminium finish on the rear.

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