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SEV Marchal

SEV Marchal

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Marchal headlights adorned the noses of Chaparrals, Ford GT40s, Porsche 917Ks, and BMW 2002s and lit the night from Le Mans to Daytona, Monte Carlo to Finland. There are very few constants in life, but vintage motorsport readily supplies the same images—and the black cat has remained an enduring mascot.
In 1923, Pierre Marchal and a few friends started a company dedicated to electric lighting. One night, as the story goes, he drove home to his garage when he caught the reflection of his cat’s eyes staring back at him, piercing through the darkness. And so, for his eponymous company, he adopted the image of the black cat and paired it with the slogan, “I only lend my eyes to Marchal.”
Phil Hill used the company’s iodine projectors to win Le Mans in 1962. Marchal-logo covers adorned Alpines, Renault Gordinis, and nearly every BMW, while its headlights could be seen behind the taped-up headlight covers of every Porsche 917K, especially the Gulf livery ones.
Our artwork is created to capture your passions. Each product is hand finished in a high gloss finish using vibrant colours which are baked onto the surface of high-quality aluminium sheet.
Each piece of artwork is made in Britain and measures 18”x 12” (46cm x 30cms).
Each product can come with or without punched holes for easy hanging with a brushed aluminium finish on the rear.

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